Pediatric Dental Sedation

pediatric dental sedation

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Sedation Dentistry in Atlanta

For some patients, a visit to the dentist can be a challenge for various reasons. Children who are unable to cope with the delivery of dental care, who have a high level of dental anxiety or who have special needs, may be good candidates for the pediatric sedation dentistry options offered at the Children's Dentistry at Stonecrest Teen & Sedation Center.

We feature an experienced pediatric sedation team. Whether your child is undergoing treatment at our office or a hospital facility, patients will receive the best quality dental care without the negative feelings or sensations normally associated with a visit to the dentist.

What is Pediatric Sedation?

Pediatric sedation can help to ease your child’s fear and anxiety during a dental procedure. The dental office can be frightening for children at first. As a top pediatric dentist office in Atlanta, we understand this fear and the importance of ensuring your child is calm and safe. For this reason, we offer multiple sedation options for pediatric visits.

What Types Of Dental Procedures Might Warrant Pediatric Sedation Dentistry?

Procedures that often require sedation dentistry for children include:

  • Dental fillings, including composite resin fillings or ceramic (non-plastic) fillings
  • Crowns
  • Root canals
  • Tooth extractions

What Types Of Pediatric Sedation Dentistry Options Do You Offer?

Our team can provide:

  • Nitrous (laughing gas)
  • In-office sedation
  • General anesthesia

Nitrous “Laughing Gas”

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry endorses the use of nitrous oxide/oxygen inhalation therapy as a safe and effective technique to reduce anxiety and decrease pain in children. The gas (a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen) is administered by inhaling a sweet, pleasant aroma through a nasal mask. Laughing gas is considered a form of “conscious sedation” because patients will still be awake, but they will feel relaxed and, in some cases, drowsy. Your child will be able to breathe normally and respond to verbal cues from our dentists, but they will feel no pain. Depending on the level and form of sedation received, the patient may not remember the visit at all.

Nitrous oxide is one of the safest sedative treatments in pediatric sedation dentistry. It has a rapid onset, and the effects wear off almost immediately. If necessary, it can be used in combination with other sedative agents.

In-Office Pediatric Sedation

In-office pediatric sedation dentistry in Atlanta is a management technique that uses IV medications in our office to help reduce anxiety or discomfort during dental treatment. There are many safe and effective medications that can be used to help your child relax and promote an optimal environment for safe dental treatment.

Is Pediatric Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Sedation dentistry for children is recognized by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry as an effective way to make many children comfortable during their dental visit.

Before administering any sedative or anesthetic to your child, your Atlanta sedation dentist will talk to you about the process of sedation and pre and post-sedation instructions.