Dentistry for Teenagers

Head Shot Of Smiling Cute Teenage African American Girl

Is your teenager fed up with going to a pediatric practice? Are they tired of trains, balloons and stuffed animals and looking for something more "grown-up"? We are the perfect practice for teenagers. While we can cater to young children, we can also cater to teenagers who are looking for a more adult dental experience.

Call our Kids and Teen Center office which was built to cater to teens. 678.323.7144

Our teen center environment is designed for the unique and special dental needs of teenagers. We know that they tend to need more time with our dental professionals during their dental visits, and prefer a more private experience. With permanent dentition, or adult teeth, there are an array of dental needs that are best suited for a teen/young adult environment. Most of our teen patients feel more comfortable in an environment that feels less childish and more mature, so we cater the environment to their interests including content displayed on TV channels, in magazines, and more.